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Penis enlargement in México

Engrosamiento de pene en Cuautitlán

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Dr. Jorge Alberto Gutiérrez Márquez – Penis enlargement specialist in México

Especialista en Circuncisión en Estado de México

Professional ID: 8458163 | Urology ID: 11679768
Certificate number from the Mexican National Council of Urology: 1509

Dr. Jorge Alberto Gutiérrez Márquez is a penis enlargement specialist in Mexico with studies in Advanced Laparoscopy, certified by the Mexican National Council of Urology and an active member of national and international associations such as the Mexican College of Urology, ANUER and the American Urological Association. He is focused on treating diseases and conditions of the urinary system, as well as the male reproductive organs such as: prostate growth, kidney stones, human papillomavirus, urinary tract cancer/tumors and more.

Penis enlargement in México

Penis thickening is an intervention that aims to increase the circumference of the penis. This operation is also known as thickening phalloplasty, which means that fatty tissue is extracted from a specific area of the body to be implanted in another part. This surgery has only an aesthetic purpose, it does not treat genital conditions or improve sexual performance.

It is a minimally invasive intervention, since the filler used to increase the circumference of the penis comes from the patient himself. This filler is extracted through a small liposuction in the donor area.

For anyone who wants to undergo penis thickening, they will have to expect an increase in circumference of about 2 centimeters in the first intervention and 5 centimeters after several touch-ups.


  • It is soft and flexible, facilitating the range of motion even in difficult anatomical areas.
  • It develops along with the patient’s skin.
  • Helps to restore joint functions and mobility.


The patient’s fat that will be used for thickening will be extracted from areas such as the belly, buttocks and/or thighs. This fat is obtained through liposuction. The fat will be filtered through a centrifugation process that separates pure fat from oil and blood, this fat is the one that will be reused to inject into the penis.

The duration of the intervention is generally half an hour to an hour. The thickening of the penis should not be more than 3 cm to avoid functional problems such as deformities or lumps.


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Penis enlargement in México

Major medical expense insurance is accepted for reimbursement

  • Allianz - Vasectomía en Naucalpan
  • Seguros Axa - Vasectomía en Naucalpan
  • GNP Seguros - Vasectomía en Naucalpan
  • Metlife
  • Plan Seguro
  • Seguros Atlas
  • Seguros Banorte
  • Seguros Bupa
  • Seguros Monterrey
  • Seguros Multiva
  • Zurich

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